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Fleeting Impressions
an exhibition of impressionist photography at the Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Avenue, Whangarei, from
15 May to 5th June, 9.30am to 4.00 pm.
This exhibition should not be missed. It depicts the fleeting beauty of light and is truly magical.
It is also by our own Shelly Linehan.
(one day she will be famous and we can all say ‘I was at her very first exhibition!!)

POSTPONED - Pouto Point Trip

Now changed to 27/28/29th September.
Meet in Dargaville Warehouse carpark for an early lunch at 11.30am on Saturday, or head down on Friday night.
Staying at - BackPackers for $15.00 per person per night or powered/unpowered sites for $12.00 per night.
Backpackers has full kitchen facilities, hot showers and bunk rooms - BBQ available for $10.00.
Take own food and bedding. Shared Pot Luck dinner on Saturday night.
Pouto Sand Safari trips are availble .

Bank Street Fun Photo Challenge

The requirements for this fun evening (Wednesday 15th May) are that the photo be taken between the roundabout near the Courthouse and the five-finger roundabout. Your feet must be in Bank Street when you take the photograph, and it must be of a feature in/on Bank Street. (Please, no close-up of a square metre of wall or pavement.)

One image per person, uploaded as usual, by the morning of the 15th May.

Kate's Photoshop Tutorial

Kate's Tutorial is now available by clicking on the Information tab, then on Workshops.

Reyburn House Exhibition

Don't forget to visit Reyburn House - at the south end of the Town Basin - to view our Camera Club's exhibition. It looks stunning. Open from 10am to 4pm during the week, and 1pm to 4pm at the weekend. Ends on the 28th April.See article in the Northern Advocate - http://www.northernadvocate.co.nz/news/lens-lingers-at-gallery/1838362/

Naming Files for Competitions

Before you upload your image for any competition, please make sure you rename it. Example: s75n_title where s=set subject, your club number, then n=novice, and after an underscore _ the title of your image. (For an Intermediate or Salon worker entering an Open or Trophy competition = o85i_title (t98s_title)  <o=open or t=trophy, your club#, then i=intermediate or s= salon grade>)

Tips for Photoshop

A list of Photoshop shortcuts can be found by clicking on the Information/Resources tab.


SIT - Photography Course

Graham Corbett has recently completed several papers from this course, and gives his impressions and a run-down on the papers available.

This can be found in the Information/Workshops tab, then click on the link.

Set Subjects

Explanations of requirements for Set subjects can now be found by hovering your cursor over the INFORMATION tab at the top of the page, then clicking on Set Subjects.
Looking through the Workshop links is also worthwhile. Have fun.

For Sale

Please note that we have now added a For Sale page - hover over the Club Blog tab at the top of this page, then click on For Sale.

Whangarei Club members - If you have camera gear to sell, please email it to barbherman@xtra.co.nz, and I will add it to the page.