Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

About Us


We encourage
each other to take better images

We meet twice a month, with monthly competitions held on the first Thursday of each month and worshops on the third Thursday of each month. 

There are usually two competitions that you can enter each month, with subjects chosen each year by committee members.

The workshops can be on anything from how to use particular items of kit, such as external flash units, filters, or about camera aperture and shutter speed or how to use software to enhance your images.

The monthly competition entries can be mounted prints or projected digital images, which are identified by your club number and grade so that images are assessed without bias.

There are three grades of competition: Novice (which we all start at), Intermediate and Salon. The competitions are a mix of subjects which give you an opportunity to enter the images that you think are your best work on any subject matter.

The judging is done by a mix of the club panel and experienced judges from around the country. Judges are only given the grade of the author of each image and so it is all anonymous.

Points are allocated on the results of these competitions – Honours, Highly Commended, Merit, Accepted. You don’t have to enter any images until you feel ready to do so. The feedback that is given on judging night is to help club members learn and should never be taken as criticism.

We see everyone’s images and hear the results for each image which are also posted on our website so there is ample opportunity to learn and be inspired to try taking photos of something different. Seeing what others have done and hearing the judges’ comments will also help you learn more about cropping, cloning and presentation.

We also have club outings which can be around our local area or further afield to photogenic places like Tiritiri Matangi bird sanctuary island or Ruapehu.

Learning while having fun practising the craft of photography with like-minded people is our main goal.

You will find that there are various small groups in the club that meet to do things like dawn or sunset photography at a beach such as Mangawhai or Ocean Beach. You might have to get up early once in a while to get out for the early morning light.

There are so many different brands and styles of cameras to use. You will usually find someone to help you with your camera settings and we will definitely be able to help you make better images.