Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

Thursday 6th August

Meeting starts at 7.30pm in Classroom 1, at the Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive.
We will see and hear the results of the Trees and Toys Competitions.
Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided.


Upload your images

The competitions being held this month for members and due for upload by 6th August are 
 ‘Nautical Trophy’ and ‘Open’ (both Projected and Print). 

September’s competitions are ‘Northland Landscape Trophy’ and ‘Humour’


Thursday 16 July

We will be exploring Bubble Photography tonight, so bring along your camera, tripod (if you have one) and lighting, plus anything to do with bubbles and bubble making. Maybe some coloured celophane also, to play with colouring bubbles.

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