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Pouto Trip

The Pouto trip is being held on Saturday 17 April, with a trip to the Pouto lighthouse as a highlight. There's a potential to pix toward your Fun Panorama shots, NZ Landscape Trophy, Converging Lines, and Nautical Trophy to name a few of the competitions coming up!!

Carpooling will be organised closer to the time, so check back here for details.

Omamari Beach trip near Kai Iwi Lakes

Our beach trip to Omamari (near Kai Iwi Lakes)on Saturday and Sunday 29/30th went fabulously. The weather was great, and the tuatuas collected were Very tasty. Photos up soon.

Russell farm visit

What a fantastic day we had - bush walking, sheep shearing, dog trialling, playing in the hayshed, picking mushrooms and in the evening painting with light - after dinner at the pub. And the weather was kind.
The challenge we completed on the way there was also lots of fun, and ensured we all actually found the farm - very cleverly constructed, Donna. Thanks.