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Tangahua Lions Lodge Day-trip

The trip to the Tangihua Lodge was enjoyed by the members who attended.  The weather was kind, and some interesting images were captured. What a great asset this place is.

Tutukaka Outing

On Saturday 30th July, ten Camera Club members headed to Tutukaka, but as it was very wet underfoot, the trip out to the Lighthouse was postponed, but armed with a Challenge (thank you Donna), all found plenty to photograph in and around the marina area. The results of the Challenge will be displayed on the August 18th Club night.
One person was very pleased that the inclement weather had her wearing a rain jacket when she was annointed from above while standing for too long under some nesting Herons.  A photo op missed.

Pouto Trip

The Pouto trip is being held on Saturday 17 April, with a trip to the Pouto lighthouse as a highlight. There's a potential to pix toward your Fun Panorama shots, NZ Landscape Trophy, Converging Lines, and Nautical Trophy to name a few of the competitions coming up!!

Carpooling will be organised closer to the time, so check back here for details.

Final Fling

Lots of fun at the Town Basin - thanks to Christine for setting the photographic scavenger hunt. It started off wet, but turned into a lovely evening. The Hunt was supposed to take 40 min. but ended up taking 1½ hours! ending just on dark, which was ideal for visiting the Christmas lights in Memorial Drive, then a welcome cuppa at Rose's. Thank you Rose. Merry Christmas all!

Macro Photography

Check out the new link to Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel's web page on Macro and Extreme Macro photography. Well worth a look.  (In LINKS tab.)

Results from AGM

At the recent AGM, Noel Herman was re-elected as President, Ruth Mooney as Secretary and Pam Stephen as Treasurer. Margaret Hooper continues as the Competition Secretary and Barbara Herman as Webmaster.
The Committee lost David Halbach, Bruce Dorset and Graham Corbet - many thanks go to both for the time they have spent on ' things Camera Club'. Your work has not gone un-noticed and has been much appreciated. New members welcomed are Donna Russell, Kelly Cameron and Colin Booth.  Other members, Christine Frost and Rose Tantau were also re-elected.

Wright's Watergardens

Yes - we are going. The weather should clear later.

Omamari Beach trip near Kai Iwi Lakes

Our beach trip to Omamari (near Kai Iwi Lakes)on Saturday and Sunday 29/30th went fabulously. The weather was great, and the tuatuas collected were Very tasty. Photos up soon.

Dargaville Beach Trip

However, if a day dawns clear and bright, we will do a ring-around to make an impromptu day trip. If you want to be added to the phone list, please contact one of the committee with your name and phone number.

Russell farm visit

What a fantastic day we had - bush walking, sheep shearing, dog trialling, playing in the hayshed, picking mushrooms and in the evening painting with light - after dinner at the pub. And the weather was kind.
The challenge we completed on the way there was also lots of fun, and ensured we all actually found the farm - very cleverly constructed, Donna. Thanks.