•  Hydrangea floweret
  • Self assignment 2017
  • Time Out
  • Cathedral Caves
  •  My Silver Spoon
  •  Looking up to the sky
  •  The Race is on
  • me again
  •  SelfAssignment A Pohutukawa Christmas
  • On the prowl
  •  Hole in the Rock
  •  TrippleNotes
  • TrainToTheEndOfTheWorld Patagonia
  • sandy tree
  • Towards The Light
  • Riding The Leaf like a professional
  • Serenity
  •  Frayed away
  • Taiharuru
  • Mary framed in gold
  • Swirl
  • Silver side
  • Just a Boy from the farm
  • Yahoo Hope I Can Stop
  • EmergingView
  • Old gate
  •  Kea
  • Airborne
  • Notitle
  • A flurry of feathers

Results for competition 1902_Feb_Open

Just the two of us Just the two of us
Incoming Visitor Incoming Visitor
Lunchtime Reading Lunchtime Reading
Dawn At Iguazu Falls Dawn At Iguazu Falls
TrainToTheEndOfTheWorld Patagonia TrainToTheEndOfTheWorld Patagonia
Busy Bee Busy Bee
flaxflowereater flaxflowereater
 Red beaked hornbill Red beaked hornbill
 Yellow beaked hornbill Yellow beaked hornbill
Resting Resting
The Big Wave M The Big Wave M
The Bridge With Lights The Bridge With Lights
Towards The Light Towards The Light
Over the Hill Over the Hill
 By the Seashore m By the Seashore m