• Whananaki Dreaming
  •  Whangarei falls
  •  Oceans Beach
  • Flower In A Vase
  • Mary framed in gold
  • Cousins
  • Chick
  • Peaceful
  • little bit of blue
  • Witness To A New Day
  • octopii
  •  Onerahi jetty
  • Omamari Blue
  • Hot Stuff
  •  The Folly
  • PeacefulReflection
  • NoTitle
  • C
  •  Steel Man Plays Golf
  •  Sand and Dunes on the Pouto coast
  • Y
  • Masts & Ropes
  •  Young boys riding
  • Drifting
  • Boat Rope
  • Persinware scales
  • feathered friend
  • Swirl
  • Fly Swot
  • Guns of Navarone

Results for competition 1827_NovemberOpenProjected

The old wharf The old wharf
Red Billed Gull Red Billed Gull
Uretiti Beach Uretiti Beach
Nectar Heaven Nectar Heaven
TheWildWest TheWildWest
Swirl Swirl
octopii octopii
EveningLight EveningLight
 Waitingforthesuntoset Waitingforthesuntoset
Aredrose Aredrose
Cotton Colours Cotton Colours
Best View Best View
Sandy Impression Sandy Impression
Monster  Rocks Monster Rocks
bit scruffy bit scruffy
babystarling babystarling
Mysterious Mysterious