• Fijian Dancer
  • Concentration
  •  Tweety
  • That Feels Good
  •  Old Cottage
  • only another 456 to go
  • Fijian Warriors
  • Delicious!
  • Nugget Point
  • Untitled2
  •  Pathway To Daylight
  • Devil in the details
  •  Kea
  • Watching
  •  The Wind Has Shaped Me
  •  Boab
  •  Hydrangea floweret
  • Islands in the stream
  • Droplet In Blue
  • Edges worn off
  •  The Meditator
  • Tidal Debris
  • Red Billed Gull
  • holding it together
  • Observing
  •  Strutting About
  • The forests of Moordoor
  • LogHutChurch
  • Out of time
  • Worn But Not Out

Results for competition 1823_October_Open_Projected

shot in the dark shot in the dark
Kereru Kereru
Tiger Tiger
Finch Finch
 Panda Panda
 I See You I See You
At The Centre At The Centre
Azalia Back Lit Azalia Back Lit
Reflected Glory Reflected Glory
SentinelsOnGuard SentinelsOnGuard
 In the cave In the cave
 Tweety Tweety
airplane Gliding Into Onerahi-airport at night airplane Gliding Into Onerahi-airport at night
Russell At Sunset Russell At Sunset
Please. Please.
Sun Rise at the Heads Sun Rise at the Heads
Riding the Waves Riding the Waves
Colour On Water Colour On Water
Early Fishman Catches Something Early Fishman Catches Something