• Glass forever
  • Sunset Pussy Willow
  • Swirl
  •  Steel Man Plays Golf
  • Gorilla Rock From Cave Exit 0
  • Venetian Blue
  • ReadingScriptures
  • Fijian Dancer
  •  The Wind Has Shaped Me
  • Dunes edge
  •  Mantis
  •  In The Pink
  •  Follow Me
  • Spirula Spirila on a black sand beach
  • The Beach Dance
  • Captured
  • NeonGraffiti
  • Power Of Light
  • Bridgeworks
  •  Coloured All Sorts
  •  Shadow Catching
  • Eyes Have It
  • BlackAndWhite
  •  A Wanambal Boy
  •  Remote
  • WhimsicalGarden
  • Boat Rope
  • Snack
  • Breaking Down The Picture
  • Bridge to Hanmer

Results for competition 11March - Photo Journalism

After the Storm After the Storm
During the fight During the fight
The Widening Gap The Widening Gap
Challenge-horeke Challenge-horeke
Cheeky-challenge Cheeky-challenge
Memorial to a Massacre Memorial to a Massacre
WaitangiDay WaitangiDay
Lone Protestor Lone Protestor
Dancing Teacher Dancing Teacher
Harvest day Promise Harvest day Promise
Who's a Dummy Who's a Dummy
From Drought To Bonus Harvest From Drought To Bonus Harvest