• BoatRope
  • Kea
  • Self assignment
  •  tied too
  •  Bat girls in the woods
  •  Mantis
  • Bridge to Hanmer
  •  Sand and Dunes on the Pouto coast
  • EmergingView
  •  Shoes
  • Persinware scales
  • PeacefulReflection
  •  First Light
  •  Hole in the Rock
  •  Young boys riding
  •  Yellow beaked hornbill
  • Racing On The Bend
  • Off The Warf Air Time
  • OnAMission
  •  Shadow Catching
  •  TrippleNotes
  •  Pouto Lighthouse
  • Barb
  • Keeping Spotless
  • Rainbow Drops
  • The forests of Moordoor
  •  Strutting About
  • Shelter Over Bay
  •  Red beaked hornbill
  •  I have a story to tell

Results for competition 1518_AugProj_Open

Washed Out Washed Out
Surreal Jog Proctors Surreal Jog Proctors
After the Rain After the Rain
Empty Home Empty Home
Sand Bird Sand Bird
Pecking order Pecking order
  Fan dancer Fan dancer
Fairy Frolic Fairy Frolic
Hanna Hanna
 Sunset on the Hatea river Sunset on the Hatea river
 yellow gerbera yellow gerbera
Look under C for Cat Look under C for Cat
Puriri patterns Puriri patterns
Morning Ice Crystals Morning Ice Crystals
Spoiled Pet Spoiled Pet
Quickly Does It Quickly Does It
Just A Reflection Just A Reflection
Floating Away Floating Away
Looking In Looking In
Flaps down for landing. Flaps down for landing.