•  I have a story to tell
  • Finch
  • Omani Hallway
  •  Centrepoint
  • Heron
  •  Tuatara
  •  The Meditator
  • Towards the light
  • Off The Warf Air Time
  •  Unloved
  • Rainbow
  • Tethered
  • Keeping Spotless
  •  Hold On
  • octopii
  • glass of red
  • only another 456 to go
  • Y
  • EmergingView
  • Spirula Spirila on a black sand beach
  •  castle gate hinge m
  • steam punk day out
  • Duck in Flight
  •  On a out going tide
  • BLUE
  • Flower In A Vase
  • Untitled
  •  Kowhai And Friend
  • Pilot Boats' Rough Going
  • swirls

Results for competition 1508_AprilProj_Open

Tui Blues Tui Blues
Hungry Hawk Hungry Hawk
Go Kart Go Go Kart Go
Kokako feed time Kokako feed time
Light up my life Light up my life
Look at the birdy Look at the birdy
Formation Flying Formation Flying
Waiting for a Train Waiting for a Train
Camera Lights Action Camera Lights Action
Vail Of Water Vail Of Water
 Aucklands sky tower Aucklands sky tower
 Ocean beach Ocean beach
Young Sparrow Young Sparrow
Backyard view Backyard view
Opua Sky Opua Sky
Pretty in pink Pretty in pink
Urupa Urupa
Hippo Hello Hippo Hello
 Catching Some Sun Catching Some Sun
 Moored Moored
The Arches The Arches
Red Red
Thirsty Thirsty