•  Lift Off
  • Saints in a window
  • Shelter Over Bay
  • Rainbow
  • Notitle
  •  Coloured All Sorts
  • Drifting
  • Self assignment
  •  Base of a morton bay fig tree m
  • Exit
  •  Pouto Lighthouse
  •  Mantis
  • Fijian War Party
  • NeonGraffiti
  • Spacebubble
  • BlackAndWhite
  •  Oyster catcher resting
  • Team Work
  • CrookedLines
  •  Storm Approaching
  • Yahoo Hope I Can Stop
  • Quest On A Pole
  • Islands in the stream
  •  I have a story to tell
  • Venetian Blue
  • Fly Swot
  • Crystal Kaleidoscope
  • Barb
  •  Cargo
  • Boat Rope

Results for competition 1321_AugProjected_Landscape

Three Lakes Three Lakes
Farm and Industry Farm and Industry
Once Was My Home Once Was My Home
 A cover of fog A cover of fog
Bream Bay NZ Bream Bay NZ
From Kauri Mountain,Whangarei Heads From Kauri Mountain,Whangarei Heads
Fading Light _M Fading Light _M
 looking over the fence looking over the fence
 mist over valley mist over valley
Knights at day Knights at day
 Hokianga Hokianga
Coastal Northland Coastal Northland
whangarei heads at dusk whangarei heads at dusk
wildness wildness
kauri Dawn m kauri Dawn m
Canterbury High Country Canterbury High Country
 Early Morn Cooks Beach Early Morn Cooks Beach
Cool Morning Cool Morning
McLeod Bay McLeod Bay
rainstorm over Mcleod Bay rainstorm over Mcleod Bay
Whatatiri Whatatiri
sunrise over whangarei heads sunrise over whangarei heads
sunrise sunrise
Approaching Storm Approaching Storm
Bream Head view Bream Head view
Te Mataua o Pohe Te Mataua o Pohe
Discovering Milford.c Discovering Milford.c
OneTree.Hills .m OneTree.Hills .m
Above Sandy Bay Above Sandy Bay
Horses At TeAraroa Horses At TeAraroa