•  Base of a morton bay fig tree m
  • Yahoo Hope I Can Stop
  •  A little squirrel
  •  Foggy morning in whangomona
  •  My Silver Spoon
  • BlueGlass
  •  Pretty Bird
  •  Pathway To Daylight
  • Enlightenment
  • Just the two of us
  • Mary framed in gold
  •  Young boys riding
  • Sunrise over the Hen and Chicks
  •  Mantis
  • Self assignment 2017
  • In flight
  •  Stepping Out
  •  Strutting About
  • Please.
  • CrookedLines
  • Knock knock
  • djamilla
  • feathered friend
  • Old gate
  • Running Bird
  • C
  • only another 456 to go
  • Finch
  •  Catch Of The Day
  • Both Aging Well

Results for competition 1224_JulyProjected_OnTheShelf

Untitled Untitled
 Just need time Just need time
 Time just past by Time just past by
Forever Optomistic Forever Optomistic
Three Green Bottles Three Green Bottles
The Family Shelf m The Family Shelf m
A Touch Of Class A Touch Of Class
Left On The Shelf Left On The Shelf
Silica Deposits on Volcanic Shelf Silica Deposits on Volcanic Shelf
Abandoned Grader Abandoned Grader
Falling Down Shed Mono Falling Down Shed Mono
Souvenir on the Shelf Souvenir on the Shelf
Too Many Bottles Too Many Bottles
Cat Nap m Cat Nap m