• Nizwa Fort Door, Oman
  •  Bat girls in the woods
  • Glass forever
  • Old gate
  •  Steel Man Plays Golf
  •  Oceans Beach
  • Towards The Light
  • Margaret
  • Breakfast
  • the big blue
  • TheDrummerBoy
  • This is my Beach
  •  Kowhai And Friend
  •  Sand and Dunes on the Pouto coast
  • Venetian Blue
  • Towards the light
  • A Curve Ball
  • Bridge to Hanmer
  • Self Portrait
  •  Lift Off
  • Steampunk Finery
  •  Follow Me
  • Running Bird
  •  Dargaville vintage and steampunk crank up day
  • Fijian Warriors
  • Cool Insects
  • Beside The Water
  •  Tweety
  • A Butterfly On Hand
  • Cousins

Competition Rules


Two (2) only images may be entered in Open Competitions. This means 2 Prints AND 2 Projected Images if you so wish. These can comprise 2 coloured OR 2 mono OR 1 coloured and 1 mono in each.

For Set Subjects and Trophy competitons, 2 only Projected Images may be entered. These can comprise 2 coloured OR 2 mono OR 1 coloured and 1 mono.

Size for projected images - 1620 pixels on longest side and 72 dpi. Remember to rename as below, and save as a .jpg before uploading to the Website.

File name format - {(t,s or o)(your club#)(grade - n,i or s)(_Title)(_m if monochrome) } 

E.g.  o78i_AColourStudy         or      o78i_ABlackandWhiteStudy_m

For your Title, please Capitalise each word as appropriate, but no spaces. E.g. TheWindAndSea

Please, no spaces, comas, hyphens or full stops.   When you upload your image, on the second page please delete all except the title, which you can then put in spaces where necessary.

Above - t = trophy, s = set subject, o = open
               n = novice, i = intermediate, s = salon
            m = monochrome