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March newsletter

Camera Club March 2010 Newsletter.

Welcome to another month of photographic activity.

Congratulationsto all of the Trophy winners at last month’s prizegiving. There have been a lot of memorable images shown throughout the year.  The rest of us now need to work a bit harder to make sure the kudos and bragging rights are spread around even more.

Entries for Northland Landscape Trophies and an Open section need to be brought to the March 3rd. meeting.  Remember all Projected Images need to be resized to 72ppi and 1024 pixels on the longest side.

Correct naming of all prints and files will be appreciated by and warm the hearts of the Digital and Print Secretaries. Warning! They can be scary when upset!

Also, those who traveled to Opua earlier this month need to get their prints in as well – subject are, Red, Blue, Yellow and the letter O. At least 50% of the image must be relevant to the colour or letter.  These images are vying for the Bone of Contention Trophy.

A couple of reminders.

            Start thinking about this years Self Assignment project – and for those who haven’t yet paid for not participating in last years’ competition, please pay your $2.00 fine.


            Payment for this year’s trip to Tiritiri Matangi needs to be in Rose’s (our Treasurer’s) hands by the end of April, or you will miss out.  There is a waiting list, so you have been warned.


Upcoming Workshops.

            April 14th        – Portraiture

            September 15th – Perspective


Prospective Outings

            Sat. 17th April – Join with the Dargaville Club for a West Coast Sunset Shoot.  Leave Whangarei at midday.  If interested, please sign the designated list at the door on Wednesday night.

            Ruapehu Crossing (and/or other activities in the vicinity) No definite dates or cost yet, but expressions of interest will start the ball rolling.  If interested, please sign the other list at the door on Wednesday night.


Other Happenings and News.


1/  A call for entries for The EPSON International Pano Awards,dedicated to the art of panoramic photography.
Entries close 30th April. Visit The EPSON International Pano Awards website for more details.

2/  John Hart of Dunedin Photographic Society invites you to join him on Sunway Safaris'  21 day Cape to Victoria Falls Grand Explorer, departing 28 July 2010 from Capetown.

This particular departure has been selected by John for the pleasant daytime temperatures, good lighting, availability of fauna, and the coincidence of the wild flower season both in Africa and for an optional short tour north of Perth on the return leg to NZ.. 

The optional Perth wild flower extension would be for a week from 18 August. 

John's schedule including all of the above leaves Christchurch  on 26 July am.and returns to  Christchurch 26 August am. via Air NZ and South African Airlines. 

Accommodation on safari is mostly in cabins and chalets but tented accommodation is used in the Okavango Delta (equipment supplied). 

 For more detailed information on the Sunway Safari visit www.travelcollectivegroup.com  Click Africa on home page  - Cape to Victoria falls Grand Explorer Comfort Adventure - Read More - Itineraries. This gives details of day by day activities. Please note that the departure date may not be listed as vacancies are currently being kept aside for interested photographers.


3/  Excerpts fromTe Studio’s first ever newsletter! :  www.meganbowers.co.nz
“On days when no one is using Te Studio we would like to have a continuous display of local photography. The art centre gets a lot of foot traffic and it would be great if we could always have something to see in Te Studio. One way this could be easily achieved (without damaging the beautiful concrete walls) would be to acquire a data show projector and have a slideshow displaying local work. However, being non-profit it poses a problem as to how we acquire such a thing. If anyone out there has or knows of a data show projector that they could sell Te Studio for a reasonable price please contact me. meganbowers@xtra.co.nz
“One of the main aims of Te Studio is to be a place of learning for the community. If you are at all interested in teaching a workshop, whether it be a day, week or just an evening, please let me know. Subject matter could be general photography or a more specific focus. For example, possible upcoming workshops include: Digital photography for beginners, Studio lighting for fashion photography and Using off camera flash. If you are interested in hosting a workshop all advertising will be done through the Old Library, all you would have to do is decide on class size, price per head and your subject matter.
“…discussion groups. The idea is simple: form a group of 6-8 people, and meet once or twice a month. Each member brings along 1 or 2 images of what they have been working on lately, and you spend a few minutes discussing each image over coffee and biscuits. If anyone out there is interested in forming a discussion group please let me know.”

4/  Robert Peper, a member of the North Shore Photography Society has started a new tour and workshop company, called New Zealand Photography Tours.

You can find more detail at www.nzphotographytours.com

They are also organising workshops, with the first one by well known artist Eva Polak called Impressions of Light, a two-day workshop at Muriwai Beach and will definitely challenge ones creative vision.


5/  From FreelanceMarket.co.nz – on COPYRIGHT

They had a call to the office by someone who had their TradeMe listing copied word-for-word by another TradeMe seller.

"How can I copyright my listing?" he asked.

The answer was two-fold for this person.

1: The mere act of publishing his listing (assuming he was using his own words...) meant his description was copyrighted. You don't have to do anything to protect written work as copyright law takes affect on publication.

2: TradeMe's terms of services prohibits sellers from using another seller's product description to help promote similar items they may be selling.

Facebook and Helium.com

Both are popular websites. Both want your copyright. It's sad but true that anything posted on these two sites (and others no doubt) becomes the property of the companies concerned. And while you can close your Facebook account, everything you uploaded will remain on its servers indefinitely as they do not delete anything.Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it is not being stored somewhere.

And helium.com is one to be wary of. The site's owners say they will pay you money for publishing work on their site depending on how popular it is.

But for the chance of making a few cents, they want your work in perpetuity. You can close your account with Helium, but your work will remain on its site forever. They will refuse to remove your work from their site because by uploading content to Helium.com, you give them rights to your work.

FreelanceMarket's advice is to create your own website to promote your work using a program such as Wordpress. It's free.


6/  Ollie Dale ANZIPP,  Editor, NZ Photographerinvites us to subscribe to NZ’s free e-magazine, joining 1700 other subscribers after just 9 issues.

They are looking for expert contributors who may like to share some aspect of photography, and assure potential contributors that their friendly editorial team will help make your contribution suitably readable.

If you would like to subscribe, visit  www.nzphotographer.co.nz and join up.


That’s all for this month.


Remember– The man who would stoop so low as to write an anonymous letter, should at least sign his name to it. (Letter in an Irish Newspaper).

See you Wednesday night.