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June newsletter

Already halfway through 2010!  Time for a mid-winter Christmas party?


How comfortable are we using Manual on our camera? If the answer is, ‘Not very’, then be sure to come along to Club night on 16th June, when we will be looking at Depth of Field and Shutter Speeds, with Cropping included either in-camera or post production. 

If you want to experience Manual settings in a slightly different situation, Don Gwilliam, long-time and experienced member of the Club, is offering special tuition using film cameras, followed by the experience and thrill of developing, enlarging and printing your own black and white images. He has a teaching darkroom set up at his home at the moment, for only a short time, so if you are interested, please talk to Don asap.

But first, on Wednesday 2nd June, we have the Panel of Judges comments on ‘Street Life’ and ‘Open’ – and don’t forget to bring in your entries for ‘Portraiture’ and‘By the Water’.

Please ensure that the Projected Images are resized to 1024 pixels on the longest side, and are presented on a flashdrive memory stick.


And a note of interest - Wait! Don’t format that flash drive!

If you’re just now finding out how handy USB flash drives are, you may also be finding out how quirky Windows can be when it comes to flash drives. First, if you’re using Windows 2000 or newer, you don’t need to download any drivers. Only Windows 95, 98, ME users need to worry about drivers. Sometimes Windows will tell you (for whatever reason) that you need to format the USB drive before you can use it. Don’t do it. You don’t need to format the USB drive no matter what Windows says. If you do format it, you may find you cannot use it. If you have formatted a USB flash drive and find you can’t use it, fret not, as you can visit the manufacturer’s Web site and download a special file.  Look at the brand on your flash drive, visit their site and download the file to format the drive back to the factory specification.


Contra Jour

At the last Club Workshop, Colin Symonds presented a controversial session on photographing against the light, presenting the case for various and varied images. As this topic will be the theme for the July competition, the following is a description, for your reference:

Contre-jour is a photographic term that means 'against the light' and refers to pictures taken when the camera is pointing towards (or roughly towards) the main light source. 

 There are many opportunities awaiting any photographer wishing to experiment with this technique, e.g. translucent flowers and foliage or rim lighting of animals and birds. Additionally, backlighting will add creativity and atmosphere to landscape images by enhancing mist, rain and haze.

The other challenge in photographing backlit or contre jour subjects is how best to handle exposure. Overexposure is a common problem in backlighting, as the brightly-lit background will overly influence the camera's meter; this will turn the subject very dark, indeed almost silhouette like.Exposure compensation is the answer and it is best to give between one and two stops extra exposure from the "normal" exposure suggested by the camera. Alternatively, take a spot meter reading from the shadow area and expose at the camera's reading - this should require no compensation. As exposure for backlit subjects is tricky it is best to practice various exposure metering patterns and overrides until you are comfortable in approaching various back lighting opportunities as they present themselves.


Presidents’ Challenge

This year’s Challenge of ‘Family Ties’ was suggested by past President Don Gwilliam. The images – projected images only – could include children with parent/s or Grandparent/s or other shared family experiences or activities.
Don would like the judging to be more of the content and context of the subjects than the usual photographic criteria.

This competition is set for September, along with ‘Perspective’.


Other Things of Interest:

*           The search is on for New Zealand’s most talented budding photographers in the 2010 Canon EYEcon photographic competition.  

Canon EYEcon 2010 will give tertiary photography students and apprentice photographers the chance to win an enviable prize package of Canon product and cash as well as the unique opportunity to gain experience, insight and inspiration by spending a day with each of the country’s four top photographers, Two of whom are Lauretta Goode and Peter Meecham.
For important enrolment criteria and key dates visit www.canon.co.nz/EYEcon


*           Images Photography Group are asking for expressions of interest in a one-day Adobe Lightroom Workshop, in Pukekohe on 25th July.  The cost would be between $40 and $60 plus travel. If interested, please contact secretary@images.org.nz


(Please be aware that our Club is planning to introduce Lightroom during the July 21st evening workshop.)


*           Satellite Gallery would like to invite you to the opening of '[v]erge', an exhibition of photography by Hamish Macdonald, Richard Smallfield and Jenny Tomlin.

What: [v]erge - by Hamish Macdonald, Richard Smallfield, Jenny Tomlin

When: Tuesday 25th May, 5.30 – 7pm

Where: Satellite Gallery, cnr of St Benedicts St and Newton Rd, Newton, Auckland.


*           Apix Workshops as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography

DSLR Accessories and Techniques– 9th, 15th and 22nd June.

Have your DSLR questions answered.

Basic Studio Lighting – 10th, 16th and 23rd June.

Speedlite Techniques – 11th, 17th and 24th June.


VENUE:   130 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland
TIME:      All workshops will commence at 10am & run for 1 hour.


*           NorthShoreNational Salon of Photography
Entry categories are:
Prints – Open Colour and Open Monochrome – ‘Close Up’ and ‘Architecture’
Digital – Open Colour and Open Monochrome – ‘Movement’ and ‘Red’
The closing date for the North Shore National Salon of Photography is May 28.
If interested please contact Secretary@NorthShoreSalon.co.nz or 09 4281 003.


*           This website is worth checking out - www.stevebloom.com – for some amazing wildlife images.


*           If you would like to spend a weekend alongside photographer Simon Woolf in The Bay of Many Coves and Queen Charlotte Sound, from 2nd to 4th July, then check out www.bayofmanycoves.co.nz for details.


Thought for the month – The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard!