• SunsetOnTheHokianga
  • Come Back and Play
  • Little Cutie Pie
  • wisteria
  • In Uniform and Ready to Save
  • Into the Unknown Future
  • Dew Drops
  •  Late Afternoon Walk
  • Fuel station
  • From Here to Eternity
  • Stingray Barbs
  •  Butterfly at Cat Cat falls
  • Silver flax
  •  Aucklands sky tower
  • The Right Hand Side
  •  Time for lunch
  • A Cook Strait black sand beach
  • Wild Weekender m
  •  Unloved
  • Ghost of the Bermuda  Triangle
  •  Looking up to the sky
  • Long Tailed  Blue Butterfly
  • Summer
  • ATree
  • A taste of honey, song
  • BlackAndWhite
  • The Angry Mountain
  •  Promises Promises
  • Fireman With Fire
  • Observing

Results for competition 1818_August_Open_Proj

Kea Kea
 Lion Lion
Had Its Day Had Its Day
Beautiful Entrapment  Beautiful Entrapment
Pollen Gatherer Pollen Gatherer
Piroa Falls Piroa Falls
 Hydrangea floweret Hydrangea floweret
Observing Observing
 Stepping Out Stepping Out
AutumnToadstool AutumnToadstool
 Oyster catcher resting Oyster catcher resting
SandhillFun SandhillFun
 Pretty Bird Pretty Bird
9to3 9to3
One Missing Pane One Missing Pane
Lachenalias Lachenalias
New Brighton Library New Brighton Library