• Birds Eye View
  • Eye For The Sun
  • Spoiled Pet
  • Form and Simplicity
  • Early
  • Waipu Cave
  • Boarder Patrol
  • Flight Over Submerged Pond Plants
  • The time to relax is when you do not have time for it
  • Rocks
  • Dwarfed
  •  Jump for Joy
  • Fan dancer
  • Oil Disaster Averted c
  • Jordon Valley In The Mist
  • Looking Up The Godley
  • Cousins
  • Dew Drops
  • Three Green Bottles
  • Mantis
  • Comrades
  • Incoming
  • EarlyEveningWestfromParihaka
  • evening activity
  • Magical Dandelions
  • Dead Eye Fly
  •  Hole in the Rock
  • Window To Nothing
  • Long Tailed  Blue Butterfly
  • A Couple of Darners

Results for competition 11June - Portraiture Trophy - P/I

Leanie 2 Leanie 2
My Son My Son
Maea Maea
Ella Ella
Sarg Sarg
You Got That Right You Got That Right
Look At That Look At That
Dad and His Boys Dad and His Boys
Kiwi Bloke Kiwi Bloke
Zoe Zoe
Erin Erin
Veteran Veteran
Brand New Family Brand New Family
Julie Julie
Jacki Jacki