• Above Sandy Bay
  • Wax Eye Eyesc
  • A Place Of Rest m
  • Peeping Moon_m
  •  SelfAssignment A Pohutukawa Christmas
  • Gobblin Forest
  • Piha Coastline
  • Lower Valley Garage
  • Birds Eye View
  •  looking over the fence
  • Emergency Wall
  • Redesigned
  • Buttercup On The Edge
  • Evening Reflections
  • Clean Me
  •  Pink Delight
  • Incoming
  • BLUE
  • town basin pohutukawa ice cream
  •  within  or  without
  • Ghost of the Bermuda  Triangle
  • Pole Skier
  • Early Morning Row m
  • Boarder Patrol
  • Sunset Pussy Willow
  • Olives And Lemons
  • Venetian Blue
  • Snack
  • wave rider
  • North Island kokako

Results for competition 11June - Portraiture Trophy - P/I

Leanie 2 Leanie 2
My Son My Son
Maea Maea
Ella Ella
Sarg Sarg
You Got That Right You Got That Right
Look At That Look At That
Dad and His Boys Dad and His Boys
Kiwi Bloke Kiwi Bloke
Zoe Zoe
Erin Erin
Veteran Veteran
Brand New Family Brand New Family
Julie Julie
Jacki Jacki