• Our Closest Planet
  •  Garlic and shallots
  • Volcanic River Flow
  • Waipu Cave
  •  TUI
  • Magical Dandelions
  •  Good Morning
  • Green Horizon
  • Feather Droplet
  •  Fishing by the Moon m
  • Evening Promenade
  • Misty Mt Cook
  • Crickey What Are You?
  • Keep on track
  • Old Favourites
  •  reaching for the sky
  • untitled
  • On Reflection
  • mouth wide open
  • Denniston Incline
  • Wana Go Catch Some Fish?...Yea Mate!
  • JumpingCroc
  • City Gulag
  • Both Aging Well
  • Tick Tock
  • A Cook Strait black sand beach
  • Off Duty
  • Day in the Hokianga m
  • Into the Unknown Future
  • EarlyEveningWestfromParihaka

Results for competition 1708_April Projected_Open

 Close Encounters Close Encounters
 Ouch Ouch
 Mantis Mantis
Pathway To The Sun Pathway To The Sun
Our friend Our friend
Day At The Beach Day At The Beach
WestCoastHeadlands WestCoastHeadlands
Call of the sea Call of the sea
Witness To A New Day Witness To A New Day
guardian of the galaxy guardian of the galaxy
So much fun So much fun
 Tangihua Local Tangihua Local
Whangare iSunrise Whangare iSunrise
Rays of Sunshine Rays of Sunshine
 Cottage on Chatham island Cottage on Chatham island
Splash Splash
 Hairy Bugger Hairy Bugger
 Coming into land Coming into land
I Know A Place I Know A Place
Boarder Patrol Boarder Patrol
Serenity Serenity
Storm Run Storm Run
Chick Chick
Heading Out Heading Out
Race for the finish Race for the finish
In Training In Training
Unreachable At Sea Unreachable At Sea