• Whisk
  •  TrippleNotes
  • Light of the north
  • Stingray Barbs
  • in the city of sails
  • Sunrise
  • Waiau River Bridge
  •  On a wet day
  • Dogs Play
  • Hot Stuff
  •   Waiting
  •  Low Tide
  • Converging Rail
  • Looking Up The Godley
  • Tui with attitude
  • Blue Demsel Fly Morning Warm Up Exercises c
  • Illusion
  • Autumn Delight
  •  Fishing by the Moon m
  • Ghostly Landing
  • Dead Eye Fly
  • Airborne
  • Long Tailed  Blue Butterfly
  • Look at the birdy
  • Hippo Hello
  • Spider Dew
  •  yellow gerbera
  • The Final Countdown (song)
  •  Mantis
  • As The Light Shone Down On Jesus Wherowhero Waited In Darkness Until His Time Had Past

Results for competition 11May Open P/I

Hoppa Hoppa
Surf Style Surf Style
Poppy Poppy
Sea Canvas Sea Canvas
Tying light in knots Tying light in knots
Water Abstract Water Abstract
Attention Attention
I am Shy I am Shy
My Guardian My Guardian
Lines Curves and Colours Lines Curves and Colours
Berts Place Berts Place
High Hopes High Hopes
Kodachrome Kodachrome
The Colour Purple The Colour Purple
Fat Godwits About To Migrate Fat Godwits About To Migrate
Mating Mantis Mating Mantis
Bricks Bricks
Windy Weekend Windy Weekend
Apple In Hand Apple In Hand
Kauri Reaching Skyward Kauri Reaching Skyward