•  R n R on the water
  • Classic Tui
  • guardian of the galaxy
  •  The Wind Has Shaped Me
  •  Reaching Skyward
  • TheDrummerBoy
  •  The Journey To Beyond
  •  Gothic
  • Approaching storm
  • Early Misty Magic m
  •  Good Morning
  •  On Overtime m
  • Fireman With Fire
  • Misty Mt Cook
  •  Coloured All Sorts
  • Bridgeworks
  •  beach
  • Young Sparrow
  •  Two In One
  • zigs and zags
  • The Blues Man
  • Witness To A New Day
  •  Morning Mist
  •  Get Off
  • Asian Rose
  • Whau Valley Dam
  • long gone
  •  Mother Duck
  •  A Psychedelic World
  • Coprosma Berries

Results for competition 1617_AugProject_Impressionism

Person Under the Falls Person Under the Falls
Whangarei Falls Whangarei Falls
Walking to the light Walking to the light
 On the move On the move
Who's watching Who's watching
Island Awash Island Awash
The Far Shore The Far Shore
The Flock The Flock
 Out in the country Out in the country
Boulders InThe Surf Boulders InThe Surf
 Cloud Fusion Cloud Fusion
 The little boat The little boat
Turmoil Turmoil
Calm Confusion Calm Confusion
Windy Day Windy Day
Flower dreams Flower dreams
Neon Forest Neon Forest
 Pearl Pearl