• HeadingForDisaster
  • Double Bend
  •  Puriri
  • in the city of sails
  •  Onerahi jetty
  • Tui with attitude
  •  within  or  without
  •  Lift Off
  • Racing On The Bend
  • LiquidArt
  • Bright Lights Big City
  • Rough Ride
  •  yellow gerbera
  • Bird's Eye View
  • 3 Morepork Feathers
  •  On Overtime m
  • only another 456 to go
  • Thinly Veiled Contempt
  • Asian Rose
  •  Butterfly at Cat Cat falls
  • Exploring the Red Unknown
  • HandymanDreamNeedsTLC
  •  I LoveYou
  • holding it together
  • The Apostles
  • Spoiled Pet
  • V Dancing Daisy
  • From Kauri Mountain,Whangarei Heads
  • Sand Dune Patens
  • Pohutukawa the herald of summer

Results for competition 1611_MayProject_PeopleInUniform

Workmates Workmates
On Parade On Parade
In Uniform and Ready to Save In Uniform and Ready to Save
Emerging Player Emerging Player
Local Bobby Local Bobby
Novice monk Novice monk
Aussie Rail Aussie Rail
Diggerman Diggerman
 Cameron at work Cameron at work
 Navy men coming off the ship Navy men coming off the ship
Master vs Apprentice Master vs Apprentice
Master vs Apprentice 2 Master vs Apprentice 2
Unifrom Protection Unifrom Protection
Ambo On Duty Ambo On Duty
Fireman With Fire Fireman With Fire
Waitangi Waka Team Waitangi Waka Team
Wind  Issues Wind Issues
LifeSavers LifeSavers
TheCaptain TheCaptain
AcolourstudyHappyDay AcolourstudyHappyDay
Men And Medals Men And Medals
Today And Yester-year Today And Yester-year