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Results for competition 11April - Shadows - Projected Image

Midsummer Shadows Midsummer Shadows
Autumn Shadows Autumn Shadows
Safety Nets (Monochrome) Safety Nets (Monochrome)
the shadow fell upon the neck of... the shadow fell upon the neck of...
shadows on the wall shadows on the wall
Shadows In The Snow Shadows In The Snow
Boat Walk Boat Walk
Shadow-time Shadow-time
Shadows on Piha Bridge Shadows on Piha Bridge
Weaving Patterns Weaving Patterns
A Shadowed Walk A Shadowed Walk
An Image Maker's Shadow An Image Maker's Shadow
Tree Shadow Tree Shadow
Caught in a bag Caught in a bag
Through the flax Through the flax
Dog On A Hot Brick Wall Dog On A Hot Brick Wall
Poplar Shadows Poplar Shadows
Old Age Old Age
Shady Seating Shady Seating
Buoy Oh Buoy Buoy Oh Buoy
Sand Shadows Sand Shadows
Wind Sculpture Wind Sculpture