• Tui Delight
  • Station Top
  • Cicada
  •  Low Tide
  • Graffiti Gallery
  • Summer
  •  Lake Dunstan
  • Comrades
  • Downhill Fun
  • Catching Some Rays
  • Working Girl
  • Gods Reflection
  • Moon Shine
  • Forest In Mist
  • The Sneer
  • Fern Growth
  • Rocks
  • Wind worn
  • As The Light Shone Down On Jesus Wherowhero Waited In Darkness Until His Time Had Past
  •  Painted Pukeko
  • Swamped
  • Gorilla Rock From Cave Exit 0
  •  Tea For Two
  • Summer Storm Brewing
  • Antigua Painter
  • Dreaming of Baby
  • Redesigned
  • passing by
  • Tui with attitude
  • Exit

Results for competition 11March - Photo Journalism

After the Storm After the Storm
During the fight During the fight
The Widening Gap The Widening Gap
Challenge-horeke Challenge-horeke
Cheeky-challenge Cheeky-challenge
Memorial to a Massacre Memorial to a Massacre
WaitangiDay WaitangiDay
Lone Protestor Lone Protestor
Dancing Teacher Dancing Teacher
Harvest day Promise Harvest day Promise
Who's a Dummy Who's a Dummy
From Drought To Bonus Harvest From Drought To Bonus Harvest