• The forests of Moordoor
  •  Iam the boss
  • Clean Me
  • Bang
  • Full House
  • On The Old Shed Wall
  • FamilyConnection
  • Hitting the dust
  • Once Was My Home
  • Window To Nothing
  • mauis journey from Hawaiki 0
  • Weary Old Mates Rest And Daydream  m
  • Calm Confusion
  •  Boiled eggs
  • FromTheGarden
  • Blue_c
  • Station Top
  • Stingray Barbs
  • A Couple of Darners
  •  The Folly
  • Peketa Beach
  • Seamstress
  •  Thru The Fog
  • The Sneer
  • Firedancers
  • HideAndSkate
  •  Garden Killer
  • Just a Boy from the farm
  • Table14
  • JumpingCroc

Results for competition 1516_JulyProj_PaintWithLight

Nightlights Nightlights
Koru Koru
 Bugs in the garden Bugs in the garden
 Down the garden path Down the garden path
Light Dance Light Dance
 Light Lasso Light Lasso
Keeping An Eye On The Youngster Keeping An Eye On The Youngster
Dwarfed Dwarfed
Aged Beauty Aged Beauty
Cave Dinasour Cave Dinasour
 Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch
afetyValve afetyValve
Rings of Whangas Rings of Whangas
Space Cadet Space Cadet
Selfi Selfi
Colour My Sails Colour My Sails