• Sunrise
  • Two Cities Gelatin Print
  • Gnomon
  •  Our Place
  • Misty Monochrome Magic m
  • Saints in a window
  • Inlet at low tide
  • CommonBlueButterfly
  • Gun Beauty
  • Dr. Suess Yawn Song
  • Crickey What Are You?
  • Tui Blues
  • Piha Coastline
  • The Final Countdown (song)
  • sweet caress
  • Sunset boarding
  • Ballerina
  • Peeping Moon_m
  • ngarutoa
  • Shadow Lady
  • Lake Gunn
  •  R n R on the water
  •  up the valley
  • Catching Some Rays
  •  Dotterel on the move
  • Juvanile Thrush
  • The Fishhook Of Pohe
  • On Bird Watch
  • Sea Texture
  • Crab For Lunch

Results for competition 1426_Sept_Lonely_Presidents Challenge

The Only, The Lone Seat In The House The Only, The Lone Seat In The House
Its Lonely At The Top Its Lonely At The Top
LonelyWait LonelyWait
This Is My Domain-m This Is My Domain-m
Only One Left Only One Left
 Bookworm Bookworm
Dune With A View Dune With A View
The Cigarette Seller The Cigarette Seller
Lonely Flower Lonely Flower
Lonely Plant Lonely Plant
 Katie Katie
 onetree onetree
Forlorn Forlorn
Inside Richmond Goal Inside Richmond Goal
ReadyAnd Waiting ReadyAnd Waiting
Waiting For The Players -m Waiting For The Players -m
 The Lonely Rest The Lonely Rest