•  Mcleods Bay m
  • Thinly Veiled Contempt
  •  Fantail Silhouette
  • Urban dispair
  • Bridgeworks
  •  Dore`
  • Bamboo Growth
  • Tapeka maelstrom
  • The Old Way
  • Light Patterns On The Water
  •  Lake Dunstan
  •  Feeling My Age
  •  Afternoon Sun
  • ImQuiteIronic
  • Weary Old Mates Rest And Daydream  m
  • Lilly
  • Waiau River Bridge
  •  Mother Duck
  • Dune Walkers
  • WhareTaniwha
  • chairs for absent friends
  • Iheard it on the grapevine
  • AgedStorage
  • Whisk
  • Tomtit On Cabbage Tree
  •  Light Dance
  • Rocks & Waves
  • Pilbra dreamtime
  • Elder Tui
  • Boards

Results for competition 1418_JuneProj_LongExposure

 My Gold My Gold
Southern Cross Southern Cross
Dancing Lights Dancing Lights
Sea Spray Sea Spray
Shoreline Shadows Shoreline Shadows
Cave Formation Cave Formation
Auto Colour-Changing Candle Auto Colour-Changing Candle
Spelunk's Refuge Spelunk's Refuge
On Reflection On Reflection
Happy New Year Whangarei Happy New Year Whangarei
Lilac Lair Lilac Lair
Improving Utopia Improving Utopia
Neon Heart Neon Heart
Of the Silvery Moon Of the Silvery Moon
Whangarei Love it Here Whangarei Love it Here
Ghost Dancer Ghost Dancer
Grannys Blue Baby Grannys Blue Baby
Blue Glow Blue Glow