•  shades of blue
  • LiquidArt
  • Table14
  • Furious Defence Repel All Boarders
  •  Butterfly at Cat Cat falls
  •  Follow Me
  • Tidal Creek
  • sweet caress
  • JumpingCroc
  •  Milled Steel Fragment
  • PirateLost&Found
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Pouto Light House
  • Wind worn
  •  Tea For Two
  •  Charlie
  •  Pumpkin Patch
  • kauri Dawn m
  •  MeToo
  • Moonlight Disco m
  • Yahoo Hope I Can Stop
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  • Three Sets of Eyes
  • Breakfast for Two
  • On The Old Shed Wall
  • Sun Seeker
  • last painted in
  • Bridge In Blue
  • A headlandfarm by moonlight
  • Structure

Results for competition 1414_May_Open_Projected

Joy of Surf Joy of Surf
No Cell Phone Coverage No Cell Phone Coverage
Cattle man Cattle man
Master carver Master carver
Steam Power On Track Steam Power On Track
LittleStray LittleStray
Little Suckers Little Suckers
 Bumble Bee enjoying the flowers Bumble Bee enjoying the flowers
 Rail To Ruin Rail To Ruin
 Limo Limo
Flotsam At Piha Flotsam At Piha
Bang Bang
 A Drift A Drift
 Horse Play Horse Play
A line of Norfolk Pine A line of Norfolk Pine
Moon Traveler Moon Traveler
No Customers Today No Customers Today
Common Blue Grass Butterfly Common Blue Grass Butterfly
Sand Sea Sky Sand Sea Sky
Euro Beach? Euro Beach?
Camera Turner? Camera Turner?
Swan Swan
A Drop of Sunrise A Drop of Sunrise
Summer Sparkler Summer Sparkler
Street Talk Street Talk
Tourist Trap Tourist Trap
Clifton Clifton
Kairakau Kairakau