• White Fronted Tern
  • Witness To A New Day
  • oceans
  • Saints&Light
  • Mr and Mrs
  • Sharpen it!!!
  • Urban dispair
  • ReadingScriptures
  • Lower Valley Garage
  • watching the camera man
  • Gentle Caress
  • Corner Slide
  • To be So young
  •  within  or  without
  • Forest In Mist
  • The time to relax is when you do not have time for it
  •  Fantail Silhouette
  • Days End
  •  Cape Gooseberry
  • Inspection  time 0
  • Pohutukawa the herald of summer
  •  Tea For Two
  •  2 Soft Mooring
  • Pecking order
  • Off The Warf Air Time
  • Pole Skier
  • Winter Day at the Beach c
  • Dancing Lights
  • Colour in the kitchen
  • Islands in the stream

Results for competition 1319_JulyProjected_Open

Summer memories Summer memories
can you hear the jazz on cuba st can you hear the jazz on cuba st
evening bloom evening bloom
Quartz Rock & Alpine Herbs Quartz Rock & Alpine Herbs
Hairy Heads Hairy Heads
Gentle Caress Gentle Caress
Symbols Of Changing Cultural Influences m Symbols Of Changing Cultural Influences m
Reflections on the pond Reflections on the pond
on guard on guard
St> Paul's Cathedral Melbourne St> Paul's Cathedral Melbourne
 Black meets gold Black meets gold
 Pouto lighthouse Pouto lighthouse
Delight Delight
Stepping out Stepping out
Oyster business Oyster business
Black Sticks Black Sticks
AutumnSolitude AutumnSolitude
hollow tree in the 100 acre wood hollow tree in the 100 acre wood
steps and stairs steps and stairs
Alone midst the crowd Alone midst the crowd
where are the elves ? where are the elves ?
Iris Iris
Spoonbills Spoonbills
White Faced Heron Pair White Faced Heron Pair