•  ruffle my feathers
  • LiquidArt
  •  Cruising The Blue
  • Poser
  • Re-Cycling
  • double trouble
  • Sunrise
  • Nightlights
  • Fashion Philosopher
  •  Lift Off
  • Old Timer
  •  Aucklands sky tower
  • Georgina
  •  Mantis
  • Japanese Lass
  • very still life
  • mauis journey from Hawaiki 0
  •  Remember When
  • The Aqua Ballet
  • Misty Monochrome Magic m
  • Last of the Summer Nectar
  •  singing away
  •  Kerry
  • Olives, Lemons And A Pear c
  •  Hippo  Hello
  • Pilbra dreamtime
  • Ghost of the Bermuda  Triangle
  • Dawn
  • Wax Eye Eyesc
  • Homeward Trek

Results for competition 1315_JuneProjected_Portraiture

A BOY called M.O.U.S.E. A BOY called M.O.U.S.E.
 happy chappy happy chappy
kylie kylie
All In A Days Work All In A Days Work
Sunshine Sunshine
What`s next What`s next
The Communicator The Communicator
Music in his soul Music in his soul
connected connected
wetsand wetsand
Family Doctor Family Doctor
Generations Generations
The Lighthousekeeper The Lighthousekeeper
 Little Monster Little Monster
sweet caress sweet caress
Jack Jack
SaintDavid SaintDavid
Georgina Georgina
the gift of nature the gift of nature
cheeky fellow cheeky fellow
Rose Rose
Christine Christine
Let Me Think m Let Me Think m
Tyme Waiting for Grace m Tyme Waiting for Grace m