• Last of the Summer Nectar
  • Looking up
  • Whangarei High County
  • long gone
  • Sternline m
  •  Hokianga
  • upon a painted ocean
  • Tiny But Well Armed
  • Dogs Play
  •  Steel Man Plays Golf
  • The Right Hand Side
  • Corner Slide
  • Tui with attitude
  • Christine
  •  Jandles left behind
  • After The Swim
  • HardAtWork
  • Asian Rose
  • Midnight Madness
  • In Uniform and Ready to Save
  •  Fishing by the Moon m
  • imagine
  • Catching Some Rays
  • On Guard Duty c 0
  •   Waiting
  •  Top of the lighthouse
  • Mosque
  •  peace and quiet
  • Self assignment 2017
  •  The Waiting Game

Results for competition 1313_MayProjected_Open

 Frilled Venerid Frilled Venerid
 A show for me A show for me
 MonumentToTheRockGods MonumentToTheRockGods
Cold Rakaia River Cold Rakaia River
Rock Water & Ice m Rock Water & Ice m
Morning Fish m Morning Fish m
 Bee On Flower Bee On Flower
 A Moments Rest m A Moments Rest m
 one of lifes small puzzles one of lifes small puzzles
 awesome power awesome power
A New Work Day Dawns A New Work Day Dawns
Kauri Seed Cone Kauri Seed Cone
Entering the light Entering the light
Splash Splash
canna canna
boat cradle rollers boat cradle rollers
Koala Koala
Full of promise Full of promise
Beach Beach
Long Tailed  Blue Butterfly Long Tailed Blue Butterfly
 Serenity.c Serenity.c