• Persinware scales
  • steps and stairs
  • Concentric Church
  • Splashing Over
  • Downhill Fun
  • A Very Wet Night
  • Amber Eye
  • I Came Out Of The Box
  • Elegance
  • Lunch Time
  •  The Race is on
  • Waterflow
  • Boards
  • on_FlyingHigh
  • hollow tree in the 100 acre wood
  •  Pouto Lighthouse
  • Seeds
  • Lower Valley Garage
  •   Waiting
  • Cicada
  • Mating Season
  • Sunshine
  • elegance in green
  • AutumnSolitude
  • chairs for absent friends
  •  Cooking Breakfast
  • Into the Unknown Future
  • Hungry Hawk
  • Poser
  •  On a wet day

Results for competition 1309_AprilProjected_Open

 Flax Flower Flax Flower
All Reflection All Reflection
Toka o Waro_m Toka o Waro_m
Pub Night Pub Night
Dreams of Flight Dreams of Flight
trapped trapped
 Itchy Itchy
Sky Patterns Sky Patterns
Show's Over Show's Over
mauis journey from Hawaiki 0 mauis journey from Hawaiki 0
oceanic plunderer oceanic plunderer
Mans Bestfriend Mans Bestfriend
Table14 Table14
Safe Anchorage Safe Anchorage
 Out for evening run Out for evening run
 Evening reflections Evening reflections
The Reason I Have Not Been At Camera Club For 9 Months The Reason I Have Not Been At Camera Club For 9 Months
Pelican fly Pelican fly
The Apostles The Apostles
Top of the world Top of the world
Two drops Two drops
Taupo sunset Taupo sunset
Wave Abstract Wave Abstract
Wave Chases Terns Wave Chases Terns
 behind the locked doors behind the locked doors
Embassy  Apparitions.m Embassy Apparitions.m
Light  n Leafy.m Light n Leafy.m