•  Evening on the beach
  • Dead Eye Fly
  • Hang On
  • Tidal Creek
  • Whangarei High County
  •  Remember When
  •  Lady Of The Light
  • Feather Droplet
  • Lower Valley Garage
  • Three Green Bottles
  • Gorilla Rock From Cave Exit 0
  • Persinware scales
  • Serenity
  • evening activity
  • Memories Of Our Summer Holidays
  • I Dream Of Knowing More
  •  Afternoon Sun
  • Blue Eyes - Elton John
  • Through the chapel window
  • Gannet
  • Moonlight Disco m
  • Little Love.c
  • Out Of The Mist They Came
  • Mantis
  • As The Sun Set Over Gotham City
  •  Its Been a Bit Wet m
  •  Iam the boss
  • Sunrise
  • Tree Line
  • Evening Reflections

Results for competition 1224_JulyProjected_OnTheShelf

Untitled Untitled
 Just need time Just need time
 Time just past by Time just past by
Forever Optomistic Forever Optomistic
Three Green Bottles Three Green Bottles
The Family Shelf m The Family Shelf m
A Touch Of Class A Touch Of Class
Left On The Shelf Left On The Shelf
Silica Deposits on Volcanic Shelf Silica Deposits on Volcanic Shelf
Abandoned Grader Abandoned Grader
Falling Down Shed Mono Falling Down Shed Mono
Souvenir on the Shelf Souvenir on the Shelf
Too Many Bottles Too Many Bottles
Cat Nap m Cat Nap m