•  Good Morning
  • Waiau River Bridge
  •  Onerahi jetty
  • Coprosma Berries
  • Behind the curtin
  • Where is The Rain?
  • Summer
  •  Waves of Pam
  • Discovering Milford.c
  •  ruffle my feathers
  • Flushed
  • Central Crater & Blue Lake
  • A headlandfarm by moonlight
  • Sparrow on a wet path
  •  Butterfly at Cat Cat falls
  • Monkey See Monkey Do-Sonic Boom Six
  • Mosaic
  • Evening Light
  • wildness
  • As The Sun Set Over Gotham City
  •  2 Soft Mooring
  • Valleys Of Flowing Mist.m
  • Sunset boarding
  • Splashing Over
  •  On a wet day
  • The Textures Of Ancient Trees
  •  Tui
  • Sea Spray
  •  Majestic
  • Little Love.c

Results for competition 1218_JuneProjected_Portraiture

leanie leanie
jessica jessica
 The bride sister The bride sister
Lara Lara
Tanner Tanner
Angelic Angelic
 Dore` Dore`
Christi Christi
Shaan's Teddy Bear Shaan's Teddy Bear
Woman In Orange Woman In Orange
Jas The Man Jas The Man
My Buddy My Buddy
My Chicken My Chicken
Being Judged Being Judged
The Ross The Ross
Smile c Smile c
Sam m Sam m
Bradley Carnegie Thorn Bradley Carnegie Thorn
Greatgrandmother m Greatgrandmother m
Alex m Alex m
The Happy Wee Man m The Happy Wee Man m
Don c Don c
In deep thought c In deep thought c