• Out Of The Mist
  •  Hydrangea floweret
  • Gannet
  •  Nimble Fingers Entwine Love And Stitches
  • wisteria
  • Happy New Year Whangarei
  • Masts & Ropes
  •  A Mate Calling
  •   Waiting
  • Out of time
  • HideAndSkate
  • CommonBlueButterfly
  • Tutamoe
  • Where is The Rain?
  •  Lady Of The Light
  • Bridge in Black & White
  • Poser
  • Dreaming of Baby
  • Once Upon a Time
  • BlackAndWhite
  • IToldYouNotToDoThat
  • Antigua Painter
  • Lunch Time
  • OneTree.Hills .m
  • Gorilla Rock From Cave Exit 0
  • Summer Fun
  • imagine
  • Stippled Sky at Wanaka
  •  Pretty Bird
  • PeacefulReflection

Results for competition 1216_MayProjected_Elegance

Morning light in the garden Morning light in the garden
Dew Drops Dew Drops
Elegant eating Elegant eating
Lilly bw Lilly bw
elegance in green elegance in green
Finishing Touches Finishing Touches
The Petite Fleur Waltz macro c The Petite Fleur Waltz macro c
Elegant Lady Elegant Lady
Slick Beauty Slick Beauty
How Do I Look How Do I Look
Elegant Old Lady Elegant Old Lady
Elegant Artistry Elegant Artistry
The Model The Model
Elegance of Nature Elegance of Nature
Old Rustic Elegant Box Old Rustic Elegant Box
double trouble  double trouble
Black Shag Black Shag
Dress Dress
Butterfly Butterfly
Mineandyours Mineandyours
Rolls Royce Rolls Royce
Elegance Under Any Conditions Elegance Under Any Conditions
Frangipani Frangipani
Lily Petals Lily Petals
Architectural Elegance-Arose Architectural Elegance-Arose
Natures Elegance Bejewelled Natures Elegance Bejewelled