• Rings of Whangas
  • Which Balls
  • Pretty in pink
  •  Feathers in the sand
  • Nibbles
  • Morning light in the garden
  • A Young Kingfisher
  •  Cuddles the Spider
  • Olives And Lemons
  • Temptation
  •   into the mists of time
  • Furious Defence Repel All Boarders
  •  Two In One
  • Kale Contre Jour
  • Autumn Delight
  • Done and dusted 11
  • Fairy Frolic
  • Chook House Under The Old Oak Trees
  •  lines to the water
  •  Majestic
  • Sternline m
  • Shadow Lady
  • Blue Demsel Fly Morning Warm Up Exercises c
  • Classic Tui
  • keynotes C
  • steps and stairs
  • ForkInFrame m
  • I Think I Can c
  • Showered And Sun Kissed

Results for competition 1211_AprilProjected_Open

veiw from mt parahaki c veiw from mt parahaki c
Winter Day at the Beach c Winter Day at the Beach c
whale c whale c
Greylag Goslins Greylag Goslins
Sunset homeward bound   Sunset homeward bound
Cool Bubbles Cool Bubbles
Tiny But Well Armed Tiny But Well Armed
Cheeky Surf Lifesaver Cheeky Surf Lifesaver
Archway Window Archway Window
Old Blokes Shed c Old Blokes Shed c
Olives After Rain.c Olives After Rain.c
Alien Dawn Alien Dawn
Surf Dancers Surf Dancers
upon a painted ocean upon a painted ocean
Mosaic Mosaic
Rocks Rocks
Coffee Break Coffee Break
the journey the journey
Sky Machine Sky Machine
Cloudy Morning At The Beach Cloudy Morning At The Beach
Fantail Adult Feeds Chicks Fantail Adult Feeds Chicks
Pole Skier Pole Skier
HarvestGlow HarvestGlow
Lunchtime Lunchtime
Hundredes If Not Thousands Hundredes If Not Thousands
Pollen Pollen yumyum c Pollen Pollen yumyum c
The Moonlight The Moonlight