• The Apostles
  • zigs and zags
  • Think About It
  •  Tea For Two
  • Thinking Of You Grandma
  • upon reflection m
  • Monkey See Monkey Do-Sonic Boom Six
  • Adult Swallow Feeding Baby
  •   Fan dancer
  • Wax Eye Eyesc
  •   into the mists of time
  • Fijian War Party
  • Cat Nap m
  • Lunch Time
  •  Whangarei falls
  • Crab For Lunch
  • That Feels Good
  • Rocks & Waves
  • In Uniform and Ready to Save
  • On Bird Watch
  • Above The Clouds m
  • Crickey What Are You?
  • Mosaic
  • Moon Traveler
  • Exit
  • Approaching storm
  • the journey
  •  Kereru in the kowhai tree
  • Freeform
  • IToldYouNotToDoThat

Congratulations to our August Honours recipients

Song Titles: Trevor Storr for 'A Taste of Honey', Ruth Mooney for 'Rodeo Cowboy', and Earle McKinney for 'Wild Geese'.
Open: Trevor Storr for ' Fan Dancer', and Earle McKinney for 'Spoiled Pet'.

             'Rodeo Cowboy' - Ruth Mooney

             'A Taste fo Honey' - Trevor Storr

        'Wild Geese' - Earle McKinney

               'Fan Dancer' - Trevor Storr