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Welcome to Whangarei Camera Club

    What's happening next

Happy New Year everybody. Does your New Year resolution include anything to do with cameras and/or photography? A good one might be to take heaps of holiday shots and finish your Self Assignment.

You can now download a copy of next year's Competitions plus check out the list of subjects for the Interclub competition by clicking on  'INFORMATION', then 2018 Competitions.

The first meeting for the year is on Thursday 1st February. Bring along your Self Assignment - prints only - and your best Holiday Shot print. Open is the usual  - both for Print and Projected. All of the above need to be uploaded to the web page - just one shot of your Self Assignment, please.

The Whangarei Camera Club encourages hobby and professional photographers to hone their creativity and photography skills through regular local and national competitions, projects, self-assignments and workshops. New members are always most welcome.

When and where do we meet?

On the first and third Thursdays of each month.
Start time - 7.30pm.       At St. John Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, Whangarei - past where the helicopters land - in Classroom 1.


Congratulations to:
          Donna Russell  (Winner) Windworn.

and Pamela Stephens (Runner-Up)
                      Whau Valley Dam


Well done to Christine Frost with her winning entry
                      'Early Morning Mist'.


Song Titles: Trevor Storr for 'A Taste of Honey', Ruth Mooney for 'Rodeo Cowboy', and Earle McKinney for 'Wild Geese'.
Open: Trevor Storr for ' Fan Dancer', and Earle McKinney for 'Spoiled Pet'.

             'Rodeo Cowboy' - Ruth Mooney


          Winner - Trevor Storr - Fan Dancer.


For President's Challenge - Wild/Furious.
Winner - Barbara Herman with 'I Told You Not To Do That'
   Runner-Up - Trevor Storr with 'Furious Feathers'