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Welcome to Whangarei Camera Club

    Positive Exposure -  Photographic Exhibition

Whangarei Camera Club

July18th - August 11th

The Shutter Room -  Rust Ave -  Whangarei

Weds, Thurs, Fri 12pm - 4pm ~ Saturday 10am - 2pm

Our exhibition Positive Exposure will be opening on Wednesday 18th July -  we invite you to join us to celebrate this wonderful collection of work from our members.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 19th July.  We will hear the results from the Northland Landscape Trophy and the June Open competition.

You can download a copy of this year's Competitions plus check out the list of subjects for the Interclub competition by clicking on  'INFORMATION', then 2018 Competitions.

The Whangarei Camera Club encourages hobby and professional photographers to hone their creativity and photography skills through regular local and national competitions, projects, self-assignments and workshops. New members are always most welcome.

When and where do we meet?

On the first and third Thursdays of each month.
Start time - 7.30pm.       At St. John Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, Whangarei - past where the helicopters land - in Classroom 1.


Winner - Rose Tantau - 'Fireman With Fire'

Runner-up - Noel Herman - 'Dune Walkers'


       Winner: Ruth Mooney - 'R n R On the Water'

        Runner-up: Jean Hawken - Thru the Fog


             Doug Stewart - 'Taking a Break'

                Christine Frost - 'Re-Cycling'


Congratulations to Bruce Dorset - Ruffle My Feathers.


Congratulations to: Doug Stewart - 'Cruising the Blue'

              Kelly Cameron - 'Peketa Beach'