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Blog Archive

With the NZ Landscape Trophy coming up in August, this Peter Eastwood article may be helpful.
What is a landscape photograph?
If we look at the history of photography, landscapes are anything from straight colour captures
through to heavily manipulated...

About 18 Club members enjoyed a tour of the Packard Museum recently, where cars of various ages predominated, but shared space with everything from motor bikes and motor scooters to old sewing machines and wind-up record players.
Earlier, some of the group were able to get up-close and...

The Caveman Lunch at Waipu Caves was a lot of fun, with a good turnout including the two resident horses which were a little over-friendly.
Glowworms, slalagmites, stalactites and reflections were photographed, different camera settings tried out, and Rose's...

What a lovely evening it was - calm and warm. After a congenial drink at Reva's, many photos were taken from one end of the basin to the other. Some then went on to view Christmas lights. This photo is...

The sailing ship Picton Castle at Whangarei Wharf. Open to the Public from 4.30 to 7 pm today, Sunday 17th.

The Mangawhai Walkway trip provided some fabulous photo opportunities and nice weather for seven members of the Club.

The small group who went into Waipu Caves were really glad they made the effort.
The cave provided ideal opportunities to try different camera techniques, and all ended up with some really

The recent trip to Pouto proved to be a
very windy affair, but we – and our gear –
survived the sand-blasting with little damage.        ..more..

To view, go to 'Information' tab, select 'Resources', then click on the video. (Make sure your sound is turned on.)